I love to write about cities but even better, I like to hang out in them.

Growing up in Southern California a common question was, “Are you a beach person or a mountain person?” My response was usually, “I’m more of a central business district person.”

I taught college after I received my doctorate and then ran political campaigns until I realized I could turn my love of cities into a vocation. I established a Community Improvement District in our downtown and helped foster a live/work/play neighborhood focused on artistic and eclectic local businesses. Now I’m helping revitalize a long-neglected corridor with creative industries like small-scale manufacturing, shared spaces, and local makers and doers.

I’m a jack-of-all-trades so I handle everything from urban planning and economic development to marketing and advocacy.

My boyfriend and I live in a historic bungalow located on a bike boulevard and when we’re not fixing it up, we can usually be found biking into downtown to work or play.

Favorite city
Claremont, California is right up at the top of my list, but it’s fun trying to decide.

Best talent
Analyzing a complex issue and communicating it to the public.

Biggest Honor 
Being named one of the Ten Most Influential Women in Columbia.

Big Dream
Lashing my bike onto the back of a teardrop trailer and hitting all the National Parks.

Little Dream
Buying a commuter bike to ride to work. (Mission accomplished!)

Lastest Podcast
99% Invisible.

Latest Book
Recast Your City.

Favorite quote
If you can change the street, you can change the world. – Janette Sadik-Khan