Creative Incubator

Here in Columbia we have a new business incubator focusing primarily on life sciences.  It fits nicely with the University of Missouri’s focus on biomedical (particularly veterinary technology), agriculture and sustainability and renewable resources.

We also have an arts incubator of sorts, Orr Street Studios.  Artists can rent small studio space and share a public gallery and a part-time marketing/events person.  The interaction between artists of all types helps get their creative juices flowing.

What about a similar set up for small businesses?  Creative companies, non-profits and other professionals often start out with a skeleton staff and a budget best reserved for things other than rent.  Small offices, public meeting room, space to gather, even a shared kitchen.  Even among different fields, the ideas and the energy would be contagious.  Can you imagine how much more creative you’d be than if you were sitting alone in a home office?