Employee Satisfaction

PRSA’s quarterly magazine recently cited an alarming statistic: 49 % of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. Equally gloomy is the fact that 64% of workers under 25 are unhappy.

This is likely the result of several factors.  A soft economy makes it tough to move on to a more suitable job and people are seeing fewer promotions or salary increases.  Maybe though, the traditional job market isn’t keeping up with the changing outlook of employees.  If the younger work force is bored, that will only get worse as the next generation of young people join the job market.

Is the solution to revamp the tried-and-true work structures in order to accommodate younger workers and non-traditional ways of working?  Or perhaps quality of life becomes even more important to people. Downtowns have always been seen as places where jobs are created. Maybe now they can be seen as places where employees are created.