Local Support Crucial for the Arts

It seems like only yesterday that David Wilson, Paul Sturtz and their ragtag bunch of film buffs pulled together the very first True/False Film Festival. Kudos to this group for creating one of the best known documentary film festivals in the country and shining an international spotlight on downtown Columbia.

The key to success for any community that wants to cultivate arts and culture is a group of locals that are willing to support the arts–and that’s certainly the case here. It’s not just the international film community that descends upon Columbia each March. ¬†Local residents stand in line at 8:00 am in the morning to purchase tickets. Schools and churches open their doors for screenings. Columbians live blog the festival. ¬†Organizers estimate that about 80% of attendees are local.

So here’s to True/False and the people that support it!