Six Californias

When I heard about the proposal to break California into six different states, my first question was, “Who gets the water?” As it turns out, I wasn’t far off in thinking that this move was about consolidating resources or, put differently, protecting resources.

What I’ve always loved about California was its diversity. Although I’m as guilty as the next person for choosing to live in a ¬†neighborhood that fits my view of the world (bike boulevard, small houses, historic feel, mixed income levels, and so forth)¬†the Big Sort is, at heart, only serving to increase polarization in our county. While I can address that on a local level by ensuring that my interactions take me beyond the like-minded people on my street, this misguided proposal forces that sorting on the people of California.

No longer will Californians be forced to strike a balance between technology and agriculture, coastal and inland, rich and poor, old and new. This constant need to balance diverse views is what creates a stronger state. Supporters of this initiative have been accused of wanting to protect their wealth and that may be the case. What I can say with certainty is that it will leave the state much poorer overall.